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ASPESI by Roberta's coolest places

ASPESI (the fundamental principle of its founder Alberto Aspesi: to ''be different''.) is an italian brand for women, men and kids, I love this brand, is so simple, so cool, so chic,
their stores are worth a visit, beautiful and COOL like their clothes..

Alberto Aspesi has always been a fashion iconoclast. Devoted to the creation of high quality, no-frills garments, the mastermind behind the Italian luxury sportswear brand refuses to conform to the unwritten rules of the fashion world. Elements such as extravagant shows, fashion calendars, tiring PR and celebrity usage has never made any sense for the creator of the ASPESI label. Rather, the emphasis was placed upon offering clothes that were impeccably cut using exceptional materials; an essential quality that made ASPESI, one of Italy’s best secrets.  Since its founding by Alberto Aspesi in 1961, the brand has been defined by its classic, timeless attitude. Each collection is a product of extensive research in fabrics and materials ensuring the finest results in its selective offering. It therefore comes as no surprise that the ASPESI brand is considered to be one of Italy’s fashion label assets with a dedicated following of discerning customers who respond to its superb quality and distinction.

Browsing through the archives of ASPESI’s ad campaigns over the years, one realizes that the kind of advertising that is engaging and interesting is one that does not batter the consumer with the constant obsession with the face and body. Starting from snaps of clothes set against eccentric backgrounds and poetic quotes, to 1988’s Peter Lindbergh snapshots of Linda Evangelista in Palm Springs CA, and Robert Frank’s subtle photographic images, APSESI’s advertising basket is always thought provoking.
 Spring-Summer 1991
(Malibu) Christy Turlington by Peter Lindbergh
Image Courtesy of ASPESI (Archives)

I Just adore this brand.. 
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